Monday, December 8, 2008

Demon Envy by Erin Lynn

Kenzie thinks her life is pretty hard but normal. She's failed her Driver's Test, she has annoying siblings, parents who don't understand her, and a crush on a guy who doesn't seem to know she exists, despite the fact they are lab partners. Then one morning all hell breaks lose. Well, part of Hell at least. Turns out there's a portal to the demonic prison system right under Kenzie's bathroom, and dropping her zit cream down the shower drain opens up said portal. Next thing Kenzie knows, there's an escaped demon prisoner in her bathroom, and he won't leave. Levi is an Envy demon, who looks like a geeky teenage boy, and had been imprisoned for being undemonic. Now Kenzie has a snarky demon taking over her life, a portal to Hell that keeps attacking her in the shower, and some unexpected attention is suddenly coming her way.

Demon Envy is a funny quick read. It never gets very scary, despite the portal to Hell, and is rather charming for a book about demons. I'd recommend it for teens looking for a light read, or a snarky new character.

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