Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Neon Genesis Evangelion Reviewed

recently I got sucked up in the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. The anime kinda just drops you off, not really informing you about a whole lot. You follow the life of Shinji Ikari, who has recently been summoned by his father, Gendo Ikari. Immediately you can tell that the relationship between Shinji and his father is not a happy one. Shinji has no idea why his father has summoned him to Tokyo-3, a militaristic city with a hidden government research/military instillation (Nerv) buried deep beneath it, but when he arrives sirens wail and a giant humanoid creature, later intoduced as the 3rd Angel Sachiel, comes into view causing destruction and chaos. Shinji is taken deep into the government compound of Nerv to discover that his father wants him to pilot an almost Gundam looking thing called Eva Unit-01 (short for Evangelion). At first Shinji refuses to pilot it but when he sees the replacement pilot, Rei Ayanami, all beat up and wounded, he takes sympathy for her and takes the job.
Without any previous training it's kinda obvious that things aren't going to go good. Once Shingi is placed inside the Eva he is launched to the surface to face the 3rd Angel. The second he takes his first step in the Eva he trips and falls. In a second the Angel is on him beating him to a pulp, things look hopeless, command central is unable to eject Shinji from the Eva and he's not moving. All readings show that Shinji is either unconscious or dead then things get weird, the Eva starts fighting back. Before you know it Unit-1 is ripping the Angel apart, in seconds the Angel is dead and Unit-1 collapses, badly damaged.
The rest of the anime continues pretty much the same way. I felt that the episodes didn't have enough body to them, they sorta started and ended without really getting the watcher into them. Also, near the end of the series things start to get really weird. Although there were some things that bothered me I think overall I liked Neon Genesis Evangelion and would suggest it to anyone who is a fan of those animes with giant robot battles.

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