Monday, December 1, 2008

Dread Locks by Neal Shusterman

Dread Locks is the first book in Neal Shusterman's Dark Fusion triology, which are retellings of fairy tales and myths in modern times with dark twists. Dread Locks starts out as an odd version of Goldilocks and turns in to the Gorgon myths.

Parker Baer is excited to see that someone has finally moved in to the abandoned house next door, but his first meeting with Tara, the girl who lives there is rather unusual, though oddly familiar. After letting herself in to the Baer house she proceeds to help herself to breakfast, break a chair, and take a nap in Parker's bed, where the family discovers her. She's a mysterious figure with her bright blonde coils of hair that almost seem to move and the sunglasses she always wears. She soon becomes the center of attention at school, befriending the leaders of all the groups students. But before too long Parker notices that her new friends are behaving more and more oddly, such as drinking huge quanities of milk and eating dirt. From there on in, it gets creepier.

I would recommend this book for 11 or 12 year olds and up, especially for readers that enjoy creepy books but not gore. A fast read, and one that will make you shiver a little. It is a book we've had for awhile that hasn't circed as much as it deserves, so give it a try.

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